Thursday, July 18 - St. Camillus de Lellis

St. Camillus  de Lellis initially followed in

his father's footsteps, living a dissolute

lifestyle. Camillus was shaken by the

ordeal, thus beginning his journey to

sainthood. He devoted his life to the care

of the sick and was ordained to the

priesthood at the age of 34 years. He

founded and order of priests to carry

carry on his mission.

Friday, July 19 - Ex 3:1-6, 9-12

Ps 103:1-4, 6-7 - Matt 11:25-27

Don't fall short of God's greatest plans

for you. Go to Holy Mass. Live the Holy

Mass. Center your lifew on the Holy 

Sacrifice of the Mass.

Saturday, July 20 - St. Apollinaris 

St. Apollinaris' life was exemplary

for persistence.As bishop of Ravenna,

Italy, he was expelled from the city

an astounding for times! His final

beating earned him a martyr's crown.

Sunday, Gen 18:1-10 - Ps 15:2-5

Col 1:24-28  - Luke 10:38-42

Before we become committed to

the Lord, we naturally choose to

live a life of maximum pleasure

and minimum pain. Because true

love often entails pain, the life of

maximum pleasure and minimum

pain amounts to a life of maximum

selfishness and minimum love.

Monday, July 22 - St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene loved Jesus

and she stood at his crucifixion,

faithfully to the end. She was the first

person recorded in the Gospel

to see the risen Lord.

Tuesday, July 23 - St. Bridget of Sweden

St. Bridget of Sweden was a wife

and mother of 8 children. Her holy witness

led to the canonization of her daughter

St. Catherine of Sweden




























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 We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe

 We remember how you loved us to Your death,

and still we celebrate, for You are with us here.

And we believe that we will see You when You come in Your glory, Lord,

 We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe.







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