Friday, February 22 - Chair of St. Peter

Jesus asked St. Peter 3 times "Do you love

Me?" Peter replied 3 times "Yes, Lord, you

know that I do." With that, Peter accepted

Jesus'  call to become the first Pope of

the Catholic Church.

Saturday, February 23 -St. Polycarp

St.Polycarp was a bishop of Smyrna and

was a revered Christian leader. He was

called a strong fortress of the Faith. He

died a Christian martyr's death in 156.

Sunday, 1Sam 26:2, 7-9, 12-13, 22-23

1Cor 15:45-49 - Luke 6:27-38

Ps 103:1-4, 8, 10, 12-13

Abishai gave David the traditional

"wisdom of war": "kill, nail, and spear

the enemies before they do it to you

first." Jesus, instead, let His enemies

nail Him to the cross, He led them

thrust a spear into His side. He paid

the price for  mercy on Calvary.

Therefore, "pardon, and you shall be


Monday, February 25 -  Sirach 1:1-10

Ps 93:1-2, 5  -  Mark 9:14-29

Father, increase my faith, even if I

have to suffer.



















































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